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Food TV Personalities

You know their names, their faces, and of course their recipes. Television food personalities fill your home, pantry and stomach with their ideas. But television isn't the only way to check out these great chefs. You can find everything from fan sites to cookbooks and culinary apparel online. The following resources spotlight some of America's favorite chefs and a few up-and-comers.

Nathalie Dupree
Known as the "Grand Dame" of Southern cuisine, Dupree is famous for her simple and flavorful recipes. She has published eight cookbooks and currently hosts a half-hour television program, Nathalie Dupree's Comfortable Entertaining, each week on PBS. At Nathalie's Web Kitchen, find monthly recipe features, weekly tips, and information about her show and books.

Mollie Katzen
When Mollie published her "Moosewood Cookbook" in 1977 it put vegetarian cuisine on the map and on tables around the country. Since that time she has published several other books, and has been cooking on public television since 1995. Her current series is Mollie Katzen's Cooking Show: Vegetable Heaven. At Mollie Katzen Online you can learn about Mollie, order cookbooks, tapes, cards, artwork and kitchen accessories, and view cooking tips and lots of great recipes.

Graham Kerr
Years ago, Kerr was known as the Galloping Gourmet, and he created delicious but fat- and calorie-laden meals. In recent years, Kerr has shifted his focus to redefining low-fat cuisine, and in the process helping people live healthier lifestyles. Kerr shares his culinary expertise through books, a television series seen on PBS and the Discovery Channel and his Web site, Wellness on the Web with Graham Kerr. Check out this site for recipes, techniques, product information and information on healthy lifestyle changes.

Emeril Lagasse
A chef so popular that he's spawned a number of tribute pages, Emeril Lagasse is one of America's most talked about Creole and Cajun chefs, as well as one of television's most entertaining culinarians. He hosts two shows, Essence of Emeril and Emeril Live!, and is the "official chef" of Good Morning America. At Emeril's World, his official Web site, you can read about Emeril's restaurants, check out news and happenings and learn some "emerilisms," the vocabulary of all HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY chefs.

Mr. Food
Mr. Food's quick and low-fuss recipes must appeal to a large portion of the population, as his show can be seen daily in more than 150 cities across the United States. Mr. Food receives more 1.5 million viewer letters every year. At the Mr. Food portion of Homearts, fans can e-mail and occasionally chat online with the chef, and sample a wide assortment of recipes and tips.

Paul Prudhomme
Chef Paul Prudhomme's restaurant and best-selling cookbooks make him one of America's most well-known chefs. Three of his cookbooks -- Fork in the Road, Fiery Foods that I Love, and Kitchen Expedition -- form the basis of his public television series.Chef Paul's Web Site offers recipes, tips, cookbooks, accessories and seasonings. Tips and tricks include an easy method for peeling tomatoes and instructions on removing fat from your menu.

Martha Stewart
For more than 25 years, Martha Stewart has taught America how to cook, decorate, and entertain in style. Her Martha Stewart Living Web site is certainly a "good thing." From the site, check out Martha's bio, calendar and scrapbook; see what's been on the show the past two weeks and what's coming next; and pick up recipes and instructions for projects.

Jacques Torres
Jacques Torres is the executive pastry chef at the four-star Le Cirque 2000, as well as the Dean of Pastry Arts at New York's French Culinary Institute. His series Dessert Circus airs on public television stations around the country. Jacques' site, like his show, helps demystify the art of desserts and pastries. It features information on Jacques, cookbooks, delectable dessert recipes and general cooking references, including terms, substitutions and information on dessert necessities like flour, sugar and chocolate.

Martin Yan
Martin Yan has been charming views for years with his wacky personality and culinary talents, particularly in the areas of food preparation and presentation. His current series, Yan Can Cook: The Best of China, can be seen on public television stations, and older editions of series are broadcast on the TV Food Network. The World Wide Wok Yan Can Cook Web Site is a great accompaniment to the show, and an entertaining resource on its own. Yan answers questions in the "Wok Talk" area, and you can purchase autographed cookbooks and Yan's own series of all-purpose knives in the shopping area. Finally, as with all of these sites, be sure to check out the recipes!

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