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Hot & Spicy

With the prevalence of Cajun foods, Buffalo wings and powerful peppers, it's evident that some like it hot. If dinnertime has become bland at your house, the following resources should spice up the table:

  • The Hot and Spicy Foods Internet Index
    This site overwhelms spice-lovers with a plethora of tasty tidbits. Learn how to buy spicy food via the Internet, who manufactures the seasonings, information on the critics who rate spiciness and explore some of the hottest sauces known to man, such as New Orleans chef Michael Reese's famous pepper sauce.

  • Pepper Profiles
    Learn interesting facts and common uses for cayenne, poblano, serrano, pequin and other peppers.

  • Pepper Joe's
    Joe has graciously provided a haven of pepper information, products, apparel, recipes and even complimentary pepper seeds! If you've ever wondered what the difference between a Datil Hot Pepper and a Goat Hot Pepper is, you can find the answer here. You can also learn how to make your own hot sauces at this site.

  • Avery Island - The Home of Tabasco
    Avery Island is a salt island located in the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans. The 152' tall island is known to locals as a tropical wildlife refuge and to the world as the birthplace of Tabasco.

  • Tony Chachere's
    Cajun/Creole cuisine is famous for its unforgettable flavor and bite. Many Louisianans swear by one seasoning, Tony Chachere's, as the key to flavor. They put it on everything! Tony's famous Creole seasoning is sole the world over, and his Cajun Country Cookbook has received widespread acclaim. Check out this family-operated business that passes on its secrets to all who are interested in great food.

  • Louisiana Hot Sauces
    This site offers authentic Louisiana hot sauces, spices, gravies, mustards, marinades and more. If you're hoping to turn your kitchen into a Southern bistro, check out "C'est Bon" (It's Good) Gourmet Cajun Hot Sauce and Sweet Cajun Fever, if your mouth can handle it.

  • Cooking Hardware
    Veterans Ace Hardware store, a 35-year-old New Orleans business, can equip anyone with all of the necessities a Cajun chef needs. The store sells outdoor cookers designed for a southern staple - seafood. Toss shrimp, lobster, crabs and clams into one of these with a little seasoning and enjoy gourmet results. Also check out their selection of turkey fryers. A free bi-monthly newsletter features tried-and-true bayou recipes.

Recipes with a Bite

  • Buffalo Wings
    A crowd pleaser for everything from football games to a Saturday snack, zesty Buffalo wings can be easy to make. Careful - these recipes are hot!

  • Hot and Spicy Recipes
    This fiery site offers easy-to-follow recipes with potent flavor and powerful zing. Learn how to whip up a batch of Cajun Stew and Chili Cheese Tortilla Wraps, Hotter 'n Hell Shrimp and Jalapeno Cheese Balls, or Potato Tacos and Cilantro Lime Salsa.

  • Spicy Tomato Salsa
    Check out Tabasco's version of this staple sauce. It combines Tabasco sauce, lemon juice, cilantro and more for real kick that could bring a delicate tongue to its knees.

  • Chicken in Spicy Peanut Sauce
    A cayenne pepper and peanut butter combination make this a tasty original.

  • Spicy Seafood Gumbo Light
    Gumbo is a staple Southern dish that chefs add just about anything and everything to. Use this low-fat, flavorful recipe as a base for your own concoction.

   --- J.H.

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